TYKO was created with the goal to address these three core concepts:

TYKO has been built following these concepts – we created a social and interactive space in front of any traditional video, filling it with fun and compelling gameplay that literally adds a new dimension to existing linear content. With TYKO we make games that work across existing content and drive new and longer user engagement. Deeper interactions with brands, ads, new/old and streamed media comes together with cross-platform gameplay.

There is a geyser of video in the world, 1000’s of hours of content is uploaded and streamed daily - that video content can now be used to generate new games and interactions.


This new interactive way of content creation and play was developed by a group of passionate people with varying backgrounds and specialities.

Yan Chen

Founder and CEO, CTO

A graduate of UC Berkeley in Neurology and Computer Science, Yan Chen is an 18 year VFX and Tec-wiz Hollywood veteran, having VFX and CG supervised block buster hits such as Treasure Planet, Matrix Reloaded, The Scorpion King, Shark Tale, Astro Boy, Happy Feet 2, and many more.

His tenure in Hollywood has included roles in major studios such as Disney, Sony, Dreamworks, and more. He has also acted as CTO and Director of Technology within successful film production and film distribution startups in the USA, Canada, HK, and Australia. Within these startups, Yan has built pipelines and platforms that have resulted in billions of dollars of revenue and hundreds of millions of video views.

Currently, acting as the chairman and CEO of the LENS Group of companies outside of China and the CTO of LENS China, Yan is applying his technical prowess and experience in building the foundational technology for the next generation of media distribution and consumption, starting with VR/AR/MR.

Travis Rice

Founder and CCO

Travis Rice has more than twenty years of experience working with artists and future technology in museums, galleries and the hi-tech sector.
Growing from his time with international institutions such as Apple, Biennale of Sydney, First Night Austin, and Blizzard Entertainment he has brought this combination of skills to the forefront by founding the LENS Group.

Travis has brought together art and technology in successful international exhibitions and venues all over the world, with work which has been viewed by millions of people in over two dozen countries.

As the Chief Content Officer, Curator and Director of the LENS Group Travis brings ties to content producers and technology companies all over the world, from verticals such as fine and performing arts, foreign film, main stream media and pop culture.

Eleanor Stuart

Project Manager & Executive Assisstant

After gaining a Diploma of Screen and Media Productions, Eleanor gained knowledge and skill from both live television and post-production films working for national and international companies such as SKY Racing and Deluxe Entertainment.

Eleanor was responsible for making sure good quality, reliable entertainment was released to the public on time and with no errors.

This attention to detail and experience in working to fast deadlines led her to LENS where she is responsible for getting projects out on time while making sure the office can run smoothly.

Peter Phan

VR Technical Director

With over eight years of teaching 3D and game development at the Academy of I.T, Peter has lent his skills to advertising companies such as The Monkeys and 4D Pipeline working for clients like Qantas and Audi.

Prior to joining LENS, Peter was developing virtual reality applications for the medical industry for Diesel Immersive.

Peter’s strong ability to problem solve and his incredible work ethic has made him invaluable to LENS and its future.

Eden Harris

VR Software Developer

From developing a geospatial point cloud viewer for Euclideon to owning his own game development company Hypergiant, Eden’s skills in 3D graphics coding has helped him to create his own outer-space physics simulation game called NBody.Space.

Eden’s extensive coding knowledge lead him to LENS where he has become the resident expert in game development for a 3-Dimensional space.

Ryan Chen

VR Application Developer

For eight years, Ryan worked as a game designer and developer for companies such as PlayStation and Ubisoft.

He worked on games such as the incredibly popular Far Cry 3, building the AI and programming the game. He specialised in developing RPGs and FPS games and animation using the 3D engine Unreal.

Ryan’s flexibility and knowledge allow him to work on a variety of tasks for LENS.

Nathan Nguyen

Senior VR Engineer

With a vast history of web development, Nathan has lead teams as a senior web developer and technical lead for companies such as St George Bank and Neon Stingray.

Nathan has designed web systems for distribution of VR content on the web and in the VR environment, which has given him invaluable knowledge and insight into this market.

Nathan’s drive, experience and incredible engineering and networking skills has made him a key member to LENS’ success.

Tom Bottrill

UI, UX and Graphic Designer

Tom Bottrill has been working as a freelance graphic designer for over 5 years.

Specialising in UI and UX design, Tom has worked on countless projects for a large variety of clients all across Sydney.

From web & app design to motion graphics and animation, his skillset is ever expanding and extremely diverse.

In addition to graphic work, Tom also works as an artist, illustrator and game designer, regularly collaborating with Chaos Theory Games on a range of projects.

Ryan Wilson

VR Application Developer

Since 12 years old, Ryan has been writing code.

After graduating from the University of Guelph with honours in their Biological Engineering program, he went out and created his own boutique digital visual effects studio.

After 9 years of successfully running that business, Ryan came to work for LENS where his strong technical foundation and his many years of coding experience has come into play to help build a one of a kind social sharing application.

Ryan’s diverse skill set and drive to do the best work possible has made him a vital member of the LENS Immersive team.   

Kailin Zeng

Junior VR Developer (Co-Op)

Kailin is LENS Immersive’s Co-Op Student currently studying his fourth year at the University of Waterloo, where he majors in computer science.

As a co-op, Kailin has worked for companies such as Telus Health as a python automation QA, Achievers as a back-end developer, PrinterOn as a C/C++ developer and UXP Systems as a Java back-end developer. These experiences have given Kailin a variety of skills and experience to find solutions in new and different ways.

Kailin has been a great addition to LENS and his desire to learn and grow his skills makes him a great asset to LENS Immersive.